Many people in Arizona have never heard of Paintless Dent Repair or Hail Repair Technicians so we’ve put together this page to quickly answer some of your questions.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair is a technique that involves pushing a vehicle’s individual body panels back into their original shape. We use special lighting, and special tools to access dents at any point on the vehicle and our repairs restore your vehicle to it’s pre-storm or pre-dent condition. You will not see where we worked.

Yes! We have ways of “pushing a panel for paint” so no filler is needed and just the damaged panels will need to be repainted.

Give us a call. We will happily look at your vehicle and offer a free estimate before you take it in to the shop, and we work with many of the local body shops.

Yes, in most cases. Just notify your insurance carrier, then just give me a call and we can take it from there. If your insurance adjuster underwrites the estimate, don’t worry, we supplement 90% of the vehicles we fix. Also, it’s good to note that comprehensive insurance claims do NOT raise your rates. Rates are raised by zip code after hail, flood, tornado or any act of God. If you have any questions give us a call or send us a message.

Traditional body shops frequently fill dents with bondo, flatten the surface of the panel, and then repaint much of the vehicle. This will always diminish the value of your vehicle and in the case of filling dents on the horizontal surfaces (like your hood, roof and trunk lid), is an unethical repair. The sun will heat up and expand the filled dents which will eventually crack. If that panel is hit again with an impact or hail, it will literally crumble.

Door ding techs tend to be more available and focused only on small dents on one part of the vehicle. Hail repair technicians have a distinct advantage over a door ding tech. A good hail tech will have invested in advanced dent LED lights and large selection of tools to access dents everywhere on the vehicle without drilling holes or damaging paint and panels. We are used to proficiently removing hundreds of dents of all sizes from each panel as opposed to working a few dents on a panel and making it look better. We promise that you will not see where we worked. Each panel will be better than pre-storm condition, including minor door dings, which we clean up as part of a complete hail repair with no cost to our clients and customers.